Israel Hamas Trade Blows Amid Mounting Talk of Gaza Truce

Israel Hamas Trade Blows

Israel Hamas Trade Blows Amid Mounting Talk of Gaza Truce. As the sides sought to consolidate gains ahead of a potential cease-fire. Israeli aircraft pounded targets across the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Thursday, and Palestinian militants renewed heavy rocket barrages on southern Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with Israel’s security cabinet at 7 p.m. to discuss the government’s preparations for a potential cease-fire, an Israeli official said on the condition of anonymity.

According to Al Jazeera, citing an unnamed source, Israel told Egyptian mediators that it plans to end its military operation. While a separate report from Israel’s Channel 13 said the ceasefire would start at 1 p.m. Friday, quoting an anonymous Hamas official, Al Jazeera did not provide a time frame for the end of the attacks.

The reports coincided with remarks by Hamas deputy leader Moussa Abu Marzouk, who was quoted on Wednesday on the website of Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen TV as saying that “a cease-fire will be reached within a day or two.” During the cease-fire talks, Tel Aviv stocks and the shekel both rose.

Israel, Hamas Near Possible Cease-Fire After Biden Pressure

Reports of an impending cease-fire have circulated in the past. But this time they coincide with increased US pressure on Israel to halt an offensive that has killed more than 230 Palestinians since May 10. President Joe Biden’s unwillingness to openly pressure Israel to stop its attacks had put him at odds with Democratic congressional allies who needed him to be more assertive. He told Netanyahu on Wednesday that he anticipated a “major de-escalation” that day.

The Israeli king. However, rebuffed the pressure and announced that the operation would continue until peace and stability were restored to Israel. Where 12 people had died as a result of the constant rocket attacks. Arms stores, rocket launchers, Hamas officials’ homes. And the group’s network of underground tunnels used for warfare and logistics were all hit by Israeli aircraft. Two men were also killed in an airstrike on a motorcycle, according to Palestinians.

What’s Behind Surging Israeli-Palestinian Violence: QuickTake

After weeks of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces in Jerusalem. The holy city at the centre of competing sovereignty claims, the fighting escalated. After Israeli security forces raided a Muslim shrine in east Jerusalem and Israel prepared to expel longtime Palestinian residents from homes in the city’s eastern sector. Hamas fired rockets at Jerusalem.

What’s Behind Surging Israeli-Palestinian Violence: QuickTake

The rocket fire toward Jerusalem crossed a “red line” prompting Israel’s military to launch an operation. That has dealt the militants a more severe blow than ever before. In Israel, violent clashes broke out between Arabs and Jews, as well as between Israeli security forces and Palestinians in the West Bank.

Although ordinary Palestinians and Israelis have suffered as a result of the war, leaders on both sides have emerged stronger. The dispute has stifled Netanyahu’s rival’s attempts to form a government to unseat him. As potential coalition partners have retreated to sectarian camps.